Review: “The Beginning of Everything” by Robyn Schneider

“Sometimes I think that everybody has a tragedy waiting for them, that the people buying milk in their pajamas or picking their noses at stoplights could be only moments away from disaster. That everyone’s life, no matter how unremarkable, has a moment when it will become extraordinary—a single encounter after which everything that really matters will happen.”

A Red Raven Reads Review of “The Beginning of Everything” by Robyn Schneider

tboe //


Ezra Faulkner, top jock and golden boy of his high school, experiences a single night that ruins his life—being cheated on by his girlfriend, only to promptly have his knee shattered and future as a tennis star and full-rider put in question. It seems as though his forever has become bleak and dark—that is, until he meets transfer student Cassidy Thorpe and his life is irrevocably changed, this time for the better.

“TBOE” is a realistic romance vivid with beautiful characterization, emotion, and unquestionable literary value. This novel presents an adventure and a romance you won’t soon forget.


This book will give you ALL. OF. THE. FEELS. Robyn Schneider is a talented new voice in young adult contemporary and damn, can that girl write! You will feel so present, so alive—the characters will become your friends, and Cali will become the world around you. It’s so funny, so lively, so vivacious. I can’t imagine someone reading this book and regretting it; I honestly can’t. It’s just a fantastic example of its genre, and I adored it. (Also, Ezra, will you marry me please? I would dig that.)


I think the main concern I have with this book is that I’ve seen it before, and it was predictable. It’s very much in the John Green vein and doesn’t steer too far from that formula. And the ending, while necessary, left me feeling sort of lost, and not in the “lost in emotions” way. I was confused, more than anything. However, that doesn’t detract much if any from the story itself, because I truly believe it ended the way it should have.


This book is great. It’s just great. You will laugh and cry and sing its praises and recommend it to all of your friends. It’s impossible to not like this book, in my opinion. Also, Ezra and Cassidy are incredible characters, as are Toby, Phoebe, and the rest of the cast. I adore every single one of them and always will.


This book wasn’t life-changing, but dang, it was so incredible to read. It was addictive, funny, and so very alive. I loved it, and I think you will too. This book receives an easy 4 out of 5 stars from me. (Read it. Seriously. <3)


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