Review: “Davenport House” by Marie Silk

“Father, are you going to ride now?” asked Mary Davenport when she noticed that her father was about to leave the house.

A Red Raven Reads Review of “Davenport House” by Marie Silk

davenporthouse //


Wealthy elite, Mary Davenport, is swept into a tumultuous world of intrigue and suspicion when she witnesses the aftermath of her father’s murder. In an almost soap-operatic style (I hope that’s a thing), she works with her servants and friends to discover the truth of her father’s death, before it’s too late.

-insert melodramatic organ music-


This book is definitely unique in its presentation, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The suspense was very well done, and the writing itself was gorgeous. It made me want to drink tea and wear blouses and pantyhose. (That’s a girly thing, right? That’s what normal girls wear?) The plotting was interesting and the pacing was solid. This novel was a dream to read and accurately portrayed the time period factually and in dialogue/action. SO. PRETTY. GUYS.


Two things: the action and the point of view. There was plenty of social action but not much of “doing stuff.” I honestly don’t know how to better describe it, but it felt calm for what the book was discussing, and that didn’t always fit in the context of the work. Secondly, and the primary issue I had with the book, was the continuously changing points of view that occurred without warning or notion that the POV had changed. It was definitely confusing, as well as jarring, and the switches took away from the quality of the reading experience.


Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and was surprised by the sheer quality of the writing. I finished it all in one sitting; this book is like a really elegant bag of potato chips. (And the winner for best analogy EVER goes to…)


I am so happy to have read such a quality work of independent literature and am thrilled to give it my stamp of approval at four out of five stars. I would definitely recommend this novel to readers of suspense and mystery, or even soap opera aficionados. It was definitely as addicting.


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