Journal: Leviosa Con Day Three, 7/10/16

The last day of Leviosa Con was undoubtedly the hardest. Knowing I would have to leave this paradise of books, authors, and fellow readers has continued to pull at my heart. I want nothing more than to go back, even as I write this now. However, I know that next year I’ll be right back first in line with an extra suitcase ready for all of the books I will buy.

Sci-fi Tropes in YA, my first panel of the day, was simply fascinating. Every author on the panel was perfectly selected for the job and I loved hearing each and every one’s thoughts on the topic. The panelists included Alexa Donne, Elizabeth Briggs, Stephanie Diaz, Beth Revis, and Axie Oh. Favorite tropes were discussed, of course, but the best part of this panel was the discussion on prejudice against women in Sci-Fi as well as the stigma against young adults who enjoy Sci-Fi. The panelists were clearly passionate on the subject, and I loved the cumulative “cry to action” to write more sci-fi and to embrace the young, female, Sci-Fi reader.

Inside the Publishing Process was probably the biggest letdown of any of the panels I went to, as it only discussed the basics that most of the audience was already aware of. The biggest fall, however, was that there was no time for audience Q&A, which was the part I was most excited for. It was insightful, but only mildly so, and if I could go back and change the course of the panel I would have.

The final panel of the day was probably the most informative out of every panel in the entire conference that I attended, and it was the Query Workshop. Carlie Webber, Joanna Volpe, and Suzie Townsend told us everything they could about querying, and I have never learned so much in such a short span of time. Format, structure, intent, creativity, comparative titles, readability, keeping an agent’s attention, and even horror stories were discussed over the course of an hour and a half, and I clung to every word. I ended up with a full page and a half of notes, and will treasure them for as long as I am a writer (therefore, I would assume, forever).

I learned more than I have ever learned before over the three days I spent at Leviosa Con, and I also had the most fun. I hope I can attend next year to get even more books and learn even more knowledge. I loved every minute, every second of this conference and I am so grateful that I of all people had the opportunity to attend.

Thanks so much for reading through this trial blog idea with me. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experiences and an inside POV of Leviosa Con. Read on!


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