July Book Haul!

So… things got a little crazy in July.


First there was Leviosa Con, and then there was a super awesome sale at Barnes and Noble, and then I found a bunch of awesome books at Goodwill…

Send help.

I spent ALL the money. All of it. BUT GUYS LOOK AT MY NEW CHILDREN OMG.

book2book1This set of twelve was from the Barnes and Noble sale. I got them, all hardcovers, for less than $10 each PLUS an additional 30% off. Them deals tho. THENNNN…


14 books, all signed by their authors and personalized to me, from Leviosa Con!!!! I will treasure these forever. Finally…


I got Fablehaven and Cinder from Barnes and Noble at regular price and got the rest at Goodwill, “on the cheap,” as the young, hip children would say nowadays.

I would give little descriptions of all of these but there’s like… um… *counts*

A lot.

So I’m not gonna. BUT. I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as I do!! ❤


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