Review: “The Wrath and the Dawn” by Renee Ahdieh

“It would not be a welcome dawn.”

A Red Raven Reads Review of “The Wrath and the Dawn” by Renee Ahdieh

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This novel is basically a retelling of the “One Thousand and One Nights” story, Scheherazade. Read: girl miraculously survives death through telling stories to her captor each night, even though he’s killed every girl before you. Hundreds. Thousands. Already Ahdieh has set Shahrzad up to be an unlikeable character, and boy, did she deliver.


Ahdieh obviously has a good understanding of language and description. Her writing is lavish and quite beautiful at times. And that’s about where my compliments end.


I never set out to write a scathing review. It’s just not in me. But this book is everything that’s wrong with the Young Adult genre, encapsulated in a single novel. While the descriptions are beautiful, I find everything else to be poorly written. The sheer concept that Shahrzad is the one to survive, seemingly for being beautiful, enrages me. SHE. SHOULD. HAVE. DIED. Further, she seems to have minimal character development. She’s about as interesting as Bella Swan. Oh, and of course. Let’s make her the FREAKING QUEEN OF THE KINGDOM SO WE CAN HEAR MORE OF HER STORIES?! READ A GODDAMN BOOK, BRO!

Needless to say, I hated this book with a fervent passion. I don’t want to. I wanted to love it like everyone else. But I didn’t.


I have yet to understand the hype about this book. I think it’s horrid and it makes me sad to know that I am in such a minority of people who see flaws with this novel. Nevertheless, it is my job to be honest with my opinions, and honest I will be.


I am disappointed and thoroughly upset to have to do this, but I give this book 1 out of 5 stars.


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